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Easter at Community

Easter is a time of hope and renewal. Community is a place where people can experience that hope and renewal through the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We’ve designed a weekend packed full of opportunities for people of all ages and stages to hear the life-changing message of the Easter Story. SHARE this…

Be loved Faces REVISED

Be Loved

We live in a diverse community, a melting pot of different ethnicities, income levels, genders, ages, and religious backgrounds. But we all have one thing in common: the desire to be loved. Join us on March 22nd at Community, a church where EVERYONE is loved, to explore what it means to truly love one another…

Coming Home Clouds

Coming Home

The end of the world is coming. Many focus on when and how it will happen but often miss the most important question: what does it mean for us today? In our new series, Coming Home, Pastor Beau digs into Scripture to explore how the modern church and the modern family should live in these…

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