Easy Steps to Write Your Story

Your personal experience is one of your most effective ways to share Christ’s love.  Did you know that God can use your story to impress on others their need to trust Him?  Your testimony is easy to share because it is your story, but many people do not know how to relate their story in a way that points others to Jesus.  Here are four simple questions that will help you share your story.  Before you begin, remember to keep your answers short and only share details related to your faith experience.  Too much detail will only make the story harder to follow, and it will distract the listener concerning what God did for you.

Question 1: What was your life like before your trusted Christ?

Describe your situation prior to the time when you got saved.  This may be information about your childhood or you may relate some trial or life experience that influenced who you were before you came to faith.

Question 2: What are the circumstances that made you consider Jesus?

You may explain what caused you to recognize there was something missing in your life, or you may reveal how you first realized that Jesus loved you and died for you.  Try to describe your mind set when you first heard about God’s grace.

Question 3: What actually happen when you believed?

Describe your faith experience.  Tell them you understood that Jesus died for you, and all you needed to do was to simply trust in Jesus to have eternal life.  Share your response and any feelings (maybe a sense of joy or peace) you experienced.

Question 4: What is your life like now?

Describe the difference that Christ has made in your life.  Explain how your faith has affected others and the influence it has had in your relationships.